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Spotted: Jamie Lee Darley’s Debut On Entourage


Whilst watching the season premiere of Entourage on HBO this past Sunday we were pleasantly surprised to see Jamie Lee Darley, one of our favorite former athletes turned model/actress, getting a ton of love on the show. Darley tweeted a few months ago about booking the recurring (or “re-occuring”) role as Abby, an employee of Turtle’s driving service.

Darley didn’t disappoint in her first real role, you might remember she appeared briefly in a Carl’s Jr. commercial not too long ago, holding court with the (almost) legend that is Turtle.  Kind of like what Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Turtle’s Old Boo on the show and in real life) is doing with The Sanchize right about now.

We are rolling with Darley on Entourage and look forward to seeing her character develop over the course of the season…or at least through the next few episodes, depending on how long her contract is with the show. We say it’s cheaper to keep her around, and should boost ratings significantly.

Both of Darley’s scenes from the season 7 premiere of Entourage after the jump…

Jamie comes in at the 8:47 mark.


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