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Spotted: Harden Gives Air Handshakes To Imaginary Teammates Flip Style During Rockets-Heat Game


If you take one look at James Harden’s legendary beard, then it would be easy to infer that Rockets recent acquisition is a man that doesn’t like change. Harden displayed during a game against the Heat on Monday night, twice giving out air handshakes following a made free throw attempt.

For all you squares out there that merely watch and comment on basketball — but lack the adequate hand-eye coordination, boosties and/or swag to ACTUALLY play (bullshit leagues don’t count, unless you’re putting up LeBron numbers), it is a game of repetition and habit.

So whilst to some, Harden may have appeared to go off the deep-end by getting his Flip on (a legend will understand that I’m not talking about the legendary Houston rapper) and dapping up imaginary teammates, he was merely trying to keep it consistent — like the tug and drop (or vice versa ya dig) morning routine that most men are accustom to.

On the bright side, at least Harden’s air handshake was better than his current teammate Jeremy Lin’s nerd/square handshake with Landry Fields when both were playing with the Knicks last season.

Video of Harden dishing out air handshakes after his free throw attempts after the jump…


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