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Spotted: Jadeveon Clowney Cheesin’ With The Police

Jadeveon Clowney Police


Top NFL Draft prospect Jadeveon Clowney raised some eyebrows on Friday, after posting this picture on Twitter of him hanging out with 2 motorcycle cops with a kool-aid smile on his grill rocking a South Carolina sweatsuit and matching shirt.

Along with the photo, Clowney tweeted the following:

We in here me and my boys lol

Clowney may be trying to get an early start on all the fame, fortune and potential actor career in his future, as the star defensive end getting 2 speeding tickets within the last month like he is trying to addition to be in the new Fast & Furious movie scheduled to hit theaters in 2014 right around the same time that Roger Goodell will be introducing him to the NFL.

There was a time when taking a photo like this would lead to suspicions of snitching, dime dropping and a first-class trip to a vacant, but apparently the “Fuck The Police” mentality fostered decades ago has been transformed into a “Fuck With The Police” mentality.


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