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Creeper Jajaja NBA Questionable Call

Spotted: Injured Andrew Bynum (& Yolo Fro) Getting Buckets at Dave & Busters


Injured Sixers center Andrew Bynum decided to get a little extra work on his game in recently, stopping by a local Dave & Busters to get some jumpers up Ricardo the Bus Boy style on the Pop-a-Shot.

Bynum has missed the entire season with some janky knees, but still has been a media fixture thanks in large part to his now infamous yolo fro, which has undergone various stages as Bynum has unintentionally paid tribute to the likes of Frederick Douglass and Lando Calrisian.

It is unclear exactly why Bynum and some of his main damies’s head to Dave & Busters in the first place, but odds are it was to pick up some breezells, likely of the ratchet variety.

Another photo of Bynum and his yolo fro at Dave & Busters after the jump…

[via Crossing Board]


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