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Spotted: DMX Caught Riding Bull At Saddle Ranch


In a sport generally reserved for drunk beezies (of all ages, sizes and weights) and out-of-towners (mostly Euros), legendary rapper DMX was recently spotted trying his hand on the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles.

Like most black people that attempt to ride the bull, DMX failed miserably, but luckily on a small crowd was on hand to witness the action, laughing along with multi-platinum rapper.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, has been out of the limelight for a while now after catching some cases in Arizona, which is anyone knows isn’t a place where you want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law (just google tent city and/or Joe Arpaio).

Wonder is this is what DMX means when he screams Ruff Ryder? I’m sure after doing some time in the prison, that term has a whole new meaning.


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