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Questionable Call

Spotted: Cougar Reckless Eyeballin’ Kobe and Giving Him Indications During Lakers Game


Here is reason #1 that you don’t take your main to a nationally televised sporting event (WNBA not included) and sit in the front row with her, because she might get caught reckless eyeballin’ like this decent-looking cougar (aka “A Dime In Her Time”) did Kobe Bryant during the Lakers-Jazz game.

This chick appears thirstier than a Kenyan marathon runner on Mile 25, looking at Kobe the like she wants to tear him up (and possibly his friend too), giving him what we like to call “indications” with a stare that shows that she would be more than down to get bitten by that Black Mamba.

Hopefully she is at the game in March when the Heat come to town, because I’m curious to see what kind of look she gives LeBron.

Video of the cougar reckless eyeballin’ Kobe after the jump…



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