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Spotted: Chris Bosh’s Daughter Grabs Handful of LeBron’s Junk

Chris Bosh Daughter LeBron James


 What started out as an innocent postgame picture nearly ended up in a “To Catch A Predator” type moment as reigning MVP LeBron James posted the following photo of him and Chris Bosh’s daughter, with Bosh’s daughter appearing to grab a handful of LeBron’s junk as he knelt down to get on her level.

After posting the picture to his instagram account, several of LeBron’s followers pointed out Bosh’s daughter’s questionable hand placement, and LeBron quickly deleted the photo, before doing a little cropping and reposting a new photo, sans the hogg grab.

Over the past few seasons, the Miami Heat players have developed a strong relationship as teammates have grown into an extended family, with players kicking with each other and each other’s kids on the regs. Sadly squares will do whatever they can to try and clown the back-to-back NBA Champions whenever the get the opportunity.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

Despite the quick fix, LeBron was unable to escape the wrath of the internet, as someone decided to take the opportunity to photoshop in Chris Bosh’s head over his daughter’s body, in a decent attempt to make light of an unfortunate situation.

Chris Bosh LeBron Junk


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