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Spotted: Celtics Fan in “FCK LBJ” Shirt Flips Bird at LeBron During Heat-Celtics Game

Fuck LBJ Shirt


A female Celtics fan decided to display some solid beer muscles during the C’s showdown with the Heat in Boston on Sunday, committing what many perceive to be some basketball blasphemy by wearing a “FCK LBJ” shirt to blatantly disrespect reigning MVP and World Champion LeBron James.

At one point during the game, LeBron came face-to-face with his LeBrater (LeBron hater for squares who aren’t good at figuring out ‘ism), getting a glance of the “FCK LBJ” shirt, and she proceeded to flip him the double bird with a “Fuck Yo’ Couch” look on her face similar to Rick James back in the day.

Needless to say, Celtics fans ain’t got no manners.

Check out the video of LeBron getting flipped a double bird by a female Celtics fan in a “FCK LBJ” shirt below.


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