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SportsCenter Shows Love to “A Different World” by Mistaking Dwyane Wade For “Dywane Wayne”

Dwyane Wade Dwayne Wade


A font coordinator, had some explaining to do during a recent episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter, mistaking Heat guard Dwyane Wade for Dwayne Wayne, the legendary character played by Kadeem Hardison on the classic A Different World.

Although the mistake is inexcusable, looking at this picture of Wade doing his best Dwyane Wayne impersonation with the patented double-shaded flip glasses, may have contributed to the confusion and thus disqualified the “All Black People” lookalike theory in this particular case.

Besides, Dwyane Wade does sound awfully close to Dwayne Wayne, but naturally if you’re working on a sports show and/or have no knowledge of sports or legendary shows from back in the day, then you would probably be inclined to make sure you were putting in some accurate information(s).

The real error in this case is whoever was actually responsible for spelling Dwayne “Dywane,” that’s kind of ridic.

[via @ItsAlwaysSunnyinDetroit]


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