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NCAA Basketball

South Regional Semi: (2)Oklahoma vs (3)Syracuse


FINAL: Blake Griffin needs toilet paper ’cause he is the shit. The Sooners big man deserves the crown for Player of the Year and should be the #1 pick in this year’s draft. We can’t say the same for his older bro Taylor, who awaits a life similar to that of Johnny Drama. All he can say is, “thanks bro!.”

Blake continued his ball ’til you fall attitude by dropping 30 and 14, banging out so hard in the 2nd half that he hit his head on the backboard and got a boo boo.

Jonny Flynn represented for the ‘Cuse and proved that he just might be the best point guard prospect for the NBA next season, servicing the Sooners with 22 points to go along with 6 dimes.


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