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Sometimes It Pays To Throw Like A Girl


These Dr. Pepper “Throw For Scholarship Dough” competitions went on at a bunch of different conference championship games, but the one during the SEC Championship was easily the most legendary of the day. I was watching this at a local watering hole, not really paying attention to the rules and regulations of the competition as I was more focused on devouring a few hot wings and trying to catch a bird reckless eye-balling. But from the merely watching the only info that I could really deduce was that there was a throw-off to see who could get the most balls in the hole.

Not realizing that accuracy was more important than quantity, much like every other dude in the watering hole, I figured that the guy (who shall remain nameless) in the competition had easily defeated his opponent, a beezy by the name of Sarah Beth Hill. He was way ahead of her with plenty of time remaining when all of sudden his trash can was empty.

It wasn’t until near the end of the competition, when nameless dude stopped throwing balls and looked on anxiously as Sarah Beth continued to nail attempt after attempt, that the whole bar realized what was going on and started rooted in unison for her to get the comeback win. Even though the dude who lost was a Gators fan, he shouldn’t feel too bad about getting served, because Sara Beth made the most attempts out of anyone who competed, and he finished a close second.

What’s sad is that throw-off ended up being way more exciting than the actually game. Via Deadspin, YBB


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