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Sicker Shot: Tyus Edney vs Jeanette Pohlen


In what will surely be a debate for years to come we ask the question, who’s full court game-winning buzzer-beating layup was sicker: Tyus Edney’s coast-to-coaster with 4.8 seconds remaining to propel UCLA to the Sweet 16 or Jeanette Pohlen’s with 4.4 to lead Stanford back to the Final Four? Both shots are amongst the greatest in their respective Tourney’s lore, but so far only one has led to a National Championship. But all things considered, that doesn’t mean that Pohlen’s shot isn’t just as sick, or even sicker, than Tyus Edney’s.

Video of both shots after the jump…

#1 UCLA vs #8 Missouri – 1995

Trailing by one point, following a Missouri bucket to take the lead with 4.8 seconds remaining, Tyus Edney catches the inbound pass going left near the far free throw line. Edney goes behind his back near half court and finishes over a 6′-8 defender (nearly a foot taller than Edney) right-handed as time expires. The win keep the Bruins Tourney hopes alive and eventually led to a National Championship a few weeks later. Easily one of the clutchest shots in the history of the NCAA Tourney, especially considering it led to a ring.

#1 Stanfornd vs #3 Xavier – 2010

Following one of the worst trick offs in basketball history, which saw Xavier’s Delaquese Jernigan miss 2 wide-open layups to keep the score tied at 53 with 4.4 seconds remaining. Jeanette Pohlen catches the ball about 7 feet behind where Tyus got it, also on the left side, but decides to take it along the left baseline, then takes a few dribbles before crossing over to her right near the 3-point line extended, finishing on the right side over a defender of comparable size.

Even if Pohlen’s bucket doesn’t lead to a Natty, it is no doubt a little bit SICKER than Edney’s. Pohlen got down the court faster than Edney, from a further distance, whilst dealing with a comparable amount of defensive pressure. If indeed that was really all done in 4.4 seconds, because it’s still a little hard to believe.

Even though Stanford is a #1 seed, any hope of a Natty will mean beating a UCONN squad this is arguably the greastest individual women’s team in college basketball history, currently riding a 76-game win streak. So whilst Pohlen’s shot may be sicker, Edney’s was definitely more meaningful at this point.


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