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NCAA Basketball Swag Video

Sick Track: Washington Husky Darnell Gant’s Freestyle Is Kind Of Decent


Now what we have right here is a pretty solid freestyle by Darnell Gant, a senior on the University of Washington’s basketball squad. Gant put this music video up on youtube last month, and surprisingly it really didn’t get that much mainstream attention, but proved to be pretty decent.

Gant is quick to mention that he is just spitting for fun, based on the video description from his youtube channel:

Me just doing ma sound and vocal editing .. and i did a lil video ! not a rapper and not going after a career just having fun leave comments

Good to see that he doesn’t have an outrageous ambitions in the music industry, but he flow is easily better than Kobe or Shaq’s, but definitely not Cedric Ceballos. Flow on.


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