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Sick Track: Kanye Professes Love For Kim Kardashian & Clowns Kris Humphries On New Song “Theraflu”

DJ Khaled – Theraflu (Feat. Kanye West) – CLICK HERE


Kanye West, the self-proclaimed “LeBron of Rhyme,” dropped some interesting lines in his new track, “Theraflu,” set to drop on DJ Khaled’s new inevitable club banger of an album. West raised some eyebrows with the following verse(s):

And the whole industry want to f*ck ya old chick,
only n*gga I got respect for is Wiz
and I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim
at the same time she fell in love with him
Well that’s cool, Baby girl, do your thing
Lucky I didn’t get Jay to drop him from the team”

In addition to professing his love for Kim Kardashian (it’s hard not to fall in love with a chick with a cheek game like that) West acknowledges that Kim was involved with her short-term husband Kris Humphries, who just happens to play for the same team that his running mate Jay-Z owns.

West arrogantly clowns Humphries, saying that he had the power to influence the Nets minority owner to drop Kim’s former boo from the team.

That probably isn’t likely, but is easily one of the most ridiculous verses to come from Kanye ever.

[via Black Sports Online]

Kanye’s new track Theraflu after the jump…


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