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Sick Track: “Im Bi-Winning” (Charlie Sheen Mash-Up)

pic via Bi-Winning.com


Charlie Sheen has been in the Legends Hall of Fame for quite some time now and this recent streak that he’s been on, appearing on various media outlets and keeping it realer than real, letting the world know what it truly feels like to be “winning.”

There’s even a website now, Bi-Winning.com, that is slanging merchandise based on Sheen’s proclamation that he’s not bi-polar, he’s bi-winning.

Several remixes and mash-ups of some of Sheen’s more legendary quotes are hitting the internet harder than Pookie hit that pipe. One of the hottest of these mash-ups is this track right here called “Im Bi-Winning”, which should be hitting making it’s rounds through the party/club scene in the near future.

But back to Charlie Sheen for a moment, if you’re not rolling with him, then you are likely consumed by squareness with a nearly non-existent activation level.

The dude not only kicks it with porn stars, but has enough ism to make them want to turn their backs on it, as evidenced by his knocking of Bree Olsen, who is going on hiatus after getting inebriated by Sheen’s geeter-driven brand of pimpology….[MORE]

As Filmore Slim once said, “you suppose to pimp them with your mind, if you have to get violent, that ain’t pimping.”

Charlie Sheen is a winner…and not a chicken dinner.

Despite brief setbacks and a couple of periods of some justifiable caking throughout his 25+ years in the game, Sheen has consistently gone harder than nearly every other major actor in the game.

This includes his slightly-better-looking-and-acting brother Emilio (Butabi voice), who did big numbers with them Mighty Ducks flicks back in the 90’s.

The hip-hop remix of the Charlie Sheen rant


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