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Sick Shot: Mexican League Baller Lorenzo Mata Hits One-Handed Behind The Back Half-Courter


Now what we have right here is some solid video of Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional sensation Lorenzo Mata showing off for the crowd before tip-off of the All-Star game this weekend by casually knocking down a behind the back half-courter.

This shot, coupled with his version of the Kenny Smith dunk a while back, has officially qualified Mata for JerseyChaser Legend stauts; reserved for few, but respected by many…even squares.

Following the pregame festivities, Mata started clowning around with one of the mascots during his extended walk to his team’s huddle, and calmly strolled over to the half court line, turned away from the basket and got a bucket.

Mata is no stranger to half court shots, after balling at UCLA under Ben Howland for 4 seasons and hollering at 3 Final Fours in the process. Coach Howland has a traditional half court shot competition during practices or shootarounds before games during the season.

But the pride of South Gate decided to kick it up a notch like some Emeril(s).

Check out Mata’s behind the back half-courter after the jump…


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