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Sick Shot: Marc Gasol’s Legendary Fadeaway 3-Point Buzzer Beater


Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol got jiggy with it Friday night against the Hornets, hitting this ridiculous fadeaway 3-pointer to end the 1st half, helping his squad extend their lead before the break.

With 2.1 seconds remaining in the 2nd quarter, Shane Battier hit Gasol with a dime inbound pass from damn near 75-feet away. Gasol not only caught the pass, but was able to get a dribble off before pulling from right in front of the Hornets bench, getting a solid bank as he fell into the front row.

The Grizzlies went get the victory for their third straight win, in a game with some serious playoff implications. Gasol deserves a courtesy hojo at the bare minimum, for hitting a bucket like that.


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