Sick Shot: Kobe’s Reverse No-Look Alley Oop Layup (And 1) vs. Mavs


Kobe Bryant, aka the dude formerly known as the “Masked Mamba,” channeled his inner Michael Jordan during a game against the Mavs on Wednesday night, catching a janky lob and finishing the play with a reverse no-look layup plus the foul.

The Mavs have locked Kobe up this season, holding arguably the 2nd best player in the NBA to under 15 points a game this season, but with defensive stopper Shawn Marion out with a sore knee, Bryant decided to make his next move his best one and do some work.

Kobe and the Lakers got up in the Mavs’ a$$ like a wedgie, smashing them worser than a contestant on For The Love of Ray-J smashes the homies, as the Black Mamba shook off his scoring woes and dropped a 30-piece on the team that swept him in the playoffs last season.

Video of Kobe’s reverse no-look alley oop after the jump…

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