Sick Shot: Kobe Bryant Hits Game-Winner At Drew League

Capital Punishment: Drew League vs. Goodman League

Saturday, August 20th, 6:30pm ET (For more info visit The Basketball Channel)


Kobe Bryant must have gotten tired of seeing damn near every other baller in NBA making a visit to the historic Drew League in South Los Angeles, so the Black Mamba decided to make a special appearance Tuesday for a special game.

You already know that we were in the area, doing whatever it is that we do, so we had to go ahead and stop by and do a little filming.

Crowds awaited Kobe’s arrival for hours, lining up around the block in anticipation for a glimpse at the Laker Legend, and Kobe did not disappoint, hitting a game-winner in James Harden’s grill as time expired to give his purple squad a 139-137 win in front of the packed gym.

Kobe pretty much did work the entire game, going head-to-head with James Harden (who got the best of Bryant for 3 quarters) and DeMar DeRozan at times, giving them a variety of his standard Jordan-esque fadeaways, mixed with a few solid dunks.

If you read the Chaser often then you know that we are LeBron loyalists, but after witnessing Kobe put on a performance like this, we definitely have to break recent tradition and show him some love.

Special Thanks to The Basketball Channel and The Drew League

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