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Sick Shot: Kevin Durant Shows He’s A Bad Mamma Jamma With Game-Winning 3 Over Mavs


Kevin Durant continued to add to his lore, and showed why arguably he’s the 2nd-best player in the League, with this ultra-clutch game-winning buzzer beating 3-pointer against the Mavs.

The Thunder got their first rematch against the Mavs, the same team that smashed them in the Western Conference Finals in name only, as Dallas brought in a new-look squad featuring legends like Vince Carter and Delonte West.

Besides LeBron and Heat, Durant and his Thunder squad have looked like the best squad in the NBA, appearing like they are ready to make that quantam leap like Sam Beckett and them(s).

Diehard Mavs fans have been quick to dismiss their squad’s rough start this season, always reverting back to the mantra that it’s a long season. From the looks of it, it’s going to be a real LONG season for Mark Cuban’s squad.


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