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Sick Shot: Bryce Alford Hits Legendary Full-Court Punt Trick Shot

Bryce Alford Kick Trick Shot


UCLA guard Bryce Alford recently came through with one of the most ridiculous trick shot combos, including this trick shot that was actually a full court kick shot at Pauley Pavilion.

After hitting a fairly difficult shot from behind the backboard, Alford bounced the ball and proceeded to just kick it like some Taebo as the ball sailed into the hoop.

With any trick shot there is always the potential for some shenanigans, but the ball stays in frame the entire time and appears to be legit.

Alford is the son of UCLA head coach Steve, and its a safe bet that if Bryce ever tries a shot like this in an actually game, he’ll be spending some time on Chilligan’s Island sitting next to pops.


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