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Sick Fit: World Peace Shirt Featuring Artest’s Elbow on Harden Hot Seller Outside of Staples


The man currently known as Metta World Peace has been known for some ridiculous antics, including his elbow to the dome of Thunder guard James Harden which led to a 7-game suspension for the Lakers’ enforcer.

This shirt, featuring Artest’s iconic concussion-inducing elbow to Harden’s dome, was a hot seller outside of Staples Center, with street vendors ignoring the customary $10 dollar holla and charging $20 for a single shirt or 2 for $30.

Whilst the shirt is a big hit amongst Lakers fans, despite being arguably one of the dirtiest moves in franchise history (Rudy Tomjanovich would prob say it isn’t the worst),  It’s a safe bet that nobody in Harden’s camp copped one.


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