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Sick Fit: Patriots Linebacker Brandon Spikes Rocks Pink Suit To Kick Off Super Bowl Week


In case you were unaware, Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is a certified Legend and just may have a future in Pimping when his NFL playing days are over. Regardless, Spikes should be in the running for being one of the best dressed professional athletes of all times.

Spikes showed up to the Patriots Super Bowl send-off party at Gillette Stadium Sunday, rocking one of the flossiest pink suits known to man, but unfortunately decided not to go all out with by not rocking a pair of matching pink gators to boot.

This isn’t the first time that Spikes has decided to rock the pink suit, as he was actually spotted in the same one a few years back when he was winning national championship with Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and them back at Florida

Spikes emerged into legendary status a while back though, after a video of the former Florida Gator getting domed up by a Kim Kardashian lookalike surfaced from a chat roulette encounter (use to be a decent site, but now it’s just a bunch of weirdos yanking their hogg’s).

More pics of Spikes’ flossy pink suit after the jump…


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