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Sick Fit: BoomTho! Drops “Knickerbocker Please” Jeremy Lin-Inspired Shirt


Although Jermey Lin-sanity has calmed down since the All-Star break, there has been no shortage of swagged-out legendary Jeremy Lin-inspired t-shirts hitting the market as of late.

The good folks over at BoomTho! decied to add on to the trend, with their new “Knickerbocker Please” Jeremy Lin shirt, paying homage to the legendary segment from the Daily Show a few weeks ago.

For the low price of $28 (you can probably get a solid discount if you holler at the BoomTho! facebook page) you too can own this legendary shirt and be the envy of Jeremy Lin fans across the world.

You already know I’m trying to finagle at least one to give my fit game a much needed boost.

[via BoomTho! Shop, Swag Bomb]


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