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Sick Dunks: LeBron’s Basics Would Easily Win Dunk Contest


Much like the rest of the basketball world, I was beyond salty back in 2010 when I found out that LeBron James wasn’t going to be participating in the NBA Dunk Contest at Cowboys Stadium, after “primarily” entering his name into the competition during the 2009 NBA All-Star Weekend.

But then I realized that LeBron doesn’t need to enter the Dunk Contest, because his in-game dunks are just as good as anything that you will see (especially Blake Griffin jumping over the front of a Kia Optima).

We’ve already seen LeBron take off from damn near the free throw line in a few games in his career, amongst all the other crazy bang-outs that he’s given us, and on Thursday he added to his dunking lore with this sick 2-handed reverse against the Bulls.

The dunk immediately reminded of Dominique Wilkins, and how he used this dunk during nearly every dunk contest he participated in, almost always getting a perfect score.

But a dunk contest is much different than a real game, and the fact that LeBron can get this type of stuff off as a basic dunk, is pretty legendary.

Video of LeBron James’ sick 2-handed reverse dunk after the jump…


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