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Sick Dunk(s): LeBron James Is The Definition of a Beast (Steal & Dunk + Ridiculous Windmill)


In case you had any doubts about the beastliness of Gloria James’ only son, then look no further than this ridiculous play that LeBron got off against the Bucks on Wednesday night.

Following a deflected pass and Bucks steal, LeBron leaped up and intercepted the pass and finished with a tomahawk dunk as a few Bucks defenders bowed down to the King and gave him a clear lane to the basket in what hall of famer Deion Sanders would most certainly refer to as a “business decision.”

Although LeBron dropped a 40-piece on the Bucks (including 24 in the 1st quarter), the rest of Heat proved to let him down, getting blown at in the 4th quarter, thanks to some extreme bucket-getting, as they lost their 2nd-straight game to the Bucks this season.

Video of LeBron’s ridiculous windmill off of a Dwayne Wade miss (didn’t count but was legendary nonetheless) after the jump..


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