Sick Dunk: 5′-9″ Ryan Lough Does 360 During High School Dunk Contest


Now what we have right here is 5-foot 9 junior guard Ryan Lough, out of Riverside (CA) King High School, showing out at the MaxPreps Holiday Tournament Dunk Contest with this ridiculous two-handed 360 that Lough just barely gets through the hoop.

Lough didn’t get much love from the judges, with several 9′s being handed out, like it was a gun buy pack function or something. Even though he didn’t get the dunk off clean, there is a certain additional respect that has to be shown to short dudes that have boosties like Lough has.

Much like a white chick with a fat booty use to be a rarity back in the day, so too was the boostie-having white dude, with both now being as commonplace as Skip Bayless spouting out something that is utterly annoying.

Guaranteed Lough is going to turn a few heads with that athleticism.

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