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Sick Dime: Team USA Captain LeBron James Laces Durant With 2nd Best Pass in Olympic History


Despite having what some would consider a lackluster performance in Team USA’s win over France to open pool play at the XXX Olympics, LeBron James came through with arguably the best pass of his career, diming Kevin Durant with a full-court bounce pass between 2 defenders.

Following a Tony Parker miss and subsequent rebound, LeBron caught the ball in transition and delivered the Magic-esque dime, just barely threading the pass between Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw, as the Durantula caught the dime and finished the play with an emphatic dunk.

Unfortunately as incredible as LeBron’s pass is, it is still only the 2nd sickest dime in Olympic history, surpassed only by the full-court dime that Ivan Edeshko threw to Aleksandr Belov in the final moments of the USSR’s super-janky “win” over the US in the 1972 Olympics.

The pass shouldn’t have counted (and I’m definitely not rolling with the Ruskies) as the USSR was given multiple unwarranted opportunities following the some questionable decisions by Olympic officials, but technically it did so tough tidday.


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