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Shots Fired: South Carolina’s Frank Martin Calls Out Kentucky’s John Calipari With Legendary Tweet


After winning the 2o12 NCAA National Championship and seeing more than a dozen of his players getting drafted in the past few years, naturally Kentucky head coach John Calipari has all the reason in the world to be boasting and bragging about the Wildcats’ success.

Calipari continued the trend of patting himself on the back via twitter on Wednesday, with this #humblebrag tweet about Kentucky likely having 6 players drafted in the 1st round at tommorrow’s NBA Draft, including likely #1 overall pick Anthony Davis:

I want to apologize to all the recruits this week. I’m spending the majority of my time answering questions from NBA teams about my six guys

Well apparently former Kansas State head coach and recent South Carolina acquisition Frank Martin didn’t like that ‘ish one bit and decided to take a welcome shot at the SEC frontrunners with the following response to Calipari’s tweet:

@UKCoachCalipari I love u & u r the best but while u talk 2 the NBA I will talk 2 the future NBA players

Immediately following Martin’s tweet the Kentucky faithful came to Coach Cal’s defense, blasting Martin and reminding him that Kentucky is the proverbial HNIC in the college basketball landscape, with a track record for getting in the Gamecocks’ a$$ like a wedgie.

But with only a little over 24,000 followers to Calipari’s nearly 1.2 million followers, it’s safe to say that Martin doesn’t want to play a game of big bank take little bank, cause he already knows he would get knocked for his stash.

[via @FrankMartin_SC, @UKCoachCalipari]


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