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Shocker: LeBron Keeps Quiet On Cavs Coach Search


In recent days the NBA has been buzzing with the news that the Cleveland Cavaliers are strongly considering hiring Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo. King James has been very quiet on the subject, but would allegedly be rolling with Izzo if the Cavs decided to woo him away from the collegiate ranks. The only problem is that at this point LeBron has made no contact with Izzo and it wouldn’t make a difference if he did anyway as King James now has his attention focused on making his next move his best one. Odds are that Izzo won’t be willing to abandon the legacy he has developed at Michigan State to take over a LeBron-less Cavs, as this would most certainly be career suicide.

LeBron has no reason to aid or cooperate with the Cavs search for their next head coach, because that would be playing his hand a little too early instead of trying to see what other options are available across the League. The Cavs may have the most to offer financially in the LeBron James sweepstakes, but as Joakim Noah eloquently point out during the 1st round of the NBA playoffs, Cleveland is basically a dump and will forever be a second-tier market, unfit for a player on pace to become the greatest of all times. With so many (better) options available to the King, the Cavs may have to kick back for a few to see how things play out.


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