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Sho'(Aint)Nuff: Karate Legend Fails At Breaking Car Window On Live TV


Now what we have right here is a Karate (kah-rah-tay) master by the name of Kevin, mercilessly failing at an attempt to break a tempered-glass car window on the local news.

At first Kevin exudes the swag of a seasoned vet (like Miyagi san), boasting about his Guiness World Record before letting telling “you guys can talk all you want, I’m about to do my thang,” when asked if he needed silence to concentrate.

After 8 unsuccessful attempts with his strong hand (aka that meat-beating hand, unless of course you’re a fan of “The Stranger”) Kevin decides to switch and up go with the left for 6 more failed tries, even managing to sneak in another one with the right.

Finally Kevin decides that enough is enough letting everyone know that, “it ain’t going down today.” Tis tough.


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