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Shady: Texas Tech Fires Mike Leach


Nearly a week after allegations arose to mistreatment of players, specifically backup wide receiver Adam James, son of ESPN football analyst Craig James, claim that he was forced to sit in confined spaces whilst dealing with a concussion, Texas Tech has decided to give head coach Mike Leach the boot. Leach signed a 5-year contract extension in February and was due an 800 stack bonus if he made it to the new year as Tech’s head coach. Welp looks like that won’t be happening but Leach is planning to take the Red Raiders to court in order to get some more bread.

There has been outrage from both sides following Leach’s unceremonious exit, with some defending the once well-respected head coach, while others, including current players, are glad to see him get shit-canned. As a term of his contract, Leach will receive $400k for every year remaining on his deal which means he is owed $1.6 mill from the University. Not a bad chunk of change to basicall chill at the crib.

The catalyst for the firing revolves around Leach’s unwillingness to write an apology following the revelations of his alleged mistreatment of James, which included making him spend hours in what his family claimed was conditions not suitable for someone suffering from concussions. Leach’s camp has maintained that the coach did nothing wrong and sought out the opinion of medical professionals before making James chill in the “shed.” Via SportsbyBrooks

Video of Leach’s lawyer taking reporters on a tour of the 2 rooms where James was forced to stay after the jump…



  1. Joe Mamma December 31, 2009

    Craig James was one of the players on a team at SMU that ended up getting that school the death penalty for the program. now he and his bitch-ass son have destroyed another program. all cause he got a boo boo.


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