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Shady: Lakers Fans Celebrate Derek Fisher’s Return With “Welcome To LA” Party For Ramon Sessions


Although Ramon Sessions has been a Laker for damn near 2 weeks and appeared in 8 games in the meantime, someone decided that Derek Fisher’s homecoming back to face his former squad for the first time was the ideal date to host a “Welcome To LA” party at hotspot Roxbury.

I’m sure the decision wasn’t intentional, because if you live in LA then you already know that Thursday’s are the shiznit, but it is still a tad bit shady that a party for D-Fish’s replacement is going down immediately after the Lakers-Thunder game.

Sessions has easily had one of the best 2 week upgrades that any human could ask for, going from one of the shittiest teams in the NBA in arguably the shittiest city’s known to man, to playing for one of the best teams in the NBA in one of the better city’s in the world.

The only thing that could have made this story better is if Sessions was traded to the Heat, cause everybody knows that Miami is cracking and he would have gotten the opportunity to play with the likely MVP this season.


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