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NCAA Football Questionable Call Video

Shady Call Leads To LSU Loss


Down 21-15 with under 6 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, LSU’s defense was looking for a game-changing play to keep their hopes alive. That play came on a 2nd & 7, when ‘Bama quarterback Greg McElroy ran a bootleg to the right and tried to hit wide receiver Julio Jones near the sideline. LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson made a great play on the ball and intercepted it, just barely getting his foot inbounds. Only problem is that the refs didn’t see it the same way and ruled it an incomplete pass, basically sharting all over the Tigers’ comeback hopes as ‘Bama held on for the win.

Both officials who were near the play could not determine for sure that Peterson was inbounds and instead of erring on the side of the trailing and lower-ranked LSU, chose to roll with the higher-ranked home team in undefeated Alabama. After further review it was pretty obvious that Peterson had actually made the interception but the play was so close to call, that the replay officials felt like there was not enough visual evidence to overturn the ruling on the field. And the rest is history as ‘Bama went on to get the victory SEC West title, which sets up a meeting with Florida in teh SEC Championship game.

This was yet another example of the shady dealings of SEC officials. Several refs have already been reprimanded by the league for making questionable calls in games earlier this season. This was yet another example of Conference front-running, cause of the fact that Alabama is ranked #3 in the BCS and besides Florida, has the best opportunity to make a natty run. If the situation was reversed and ‘Bama was the lower-ranked team, guaranteed the refs would have saw it the other way. Everyone knows that College football is big business and the check difference between a BCS Bowl and a Turd Bowl is major.


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