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Serena Williams Celebrates Olympic Gold Medal with “Blood Walk” at Wimbledon

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After defeating Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon’s All England Club to capture the singles Olympic gold medal, Serena Williams decided to show some love to her Compton roots by busting out her version of the “Blood Walk.”

Naturally, after witnessing the dance the entire internet went wild, erroneously claiming that Serena Williams was doing a rendition of the “Crip Walk,” the dance made famous by the Los Angeles gang of the same name a few decades ago.

Any time that the dance is performed, people are quick to give it the “Crip Walk” tag (generally from squares with little to no gang knowledge), failing to realize that the Bloods also have a similar dance that they created to combat the crip swag.

Although the “Crip Walk” was initially way more popular than the “Blood Walk,” there has been a Soo Woo takeover in music and sports over the last decade, with a host of professional athletes throwing up the “B” like a food inspector at a hole-in-the-wall chinese food joint.

Given Serena’s family affiliations and being from Compton (commonly referred to as “Bompton” by the blood-affiliated) it is not clear whether or not she was doing the C-Walk or B-Walk.

It should also be noted that Serena’s half-sister and former business manager Yetunde Price, was brutally murdered by a Southside Crip back in 2003, leading legendary Compton representative and certified blood The Game to dedicate his track “Dreams” to her memory.

Regardless of what walk that Serena was doing, this performance is still no comparison to the vid of her twerking it at Drake’s condo.

Video of Serena Williams gold medal “Blood Walk,” plus legendary musician DJ Quik doing a rendition of the dance for comparisons sake after the jump…



  1. Jim. Hamilton August 5, 2012

    I think her little jig was entirely appropriate and I appauld her for it. The British snobs should get of their high horse and quit judging people.

  2. bob wire August 5, 2012

    So the Nigress does a celebration to murderers and thugs as a way of celebrating a victory? The values Rahm Emmanuel just lectured all of Chicago over on, seem oh so insignificant now. Glorifying gangs–wow…They’re killing Black children daily and she brings glory to them.

    Who teaches these people? No wonder they’re killing their own now. There seems to be little hope when the supposed Sports role models to this Culture and Race, do the gang worshipping on Center Court.

  3. Sara August 5, 2012

    Ummmm….lol….not that any of us are really “up” on gang terminiology, BUT, with that said – It is the crip walk NOT the blood walk. Crips and Bloods, according to Urban Dictionary (lol), are mortal enemies. So calling it the blood walk could start a “gang war”. LOL….

  4. Topp August 6, 2012


  5. Janice Jones August 6, 2012

    Leave it up to a ignorant ass bastard asshole to make a racial comment. Bob Wire go eat a big one!!!!!!!

  6. Whitey August 7, 2012

    Typical nigger being just that, a nigger.

  7. Whitey August 7, 2012

    You can take the boon out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the boon

  8. RECEE August 7, 2012

    Bob Wire you are a really smart guy you should run for President of THE SKINHEADS..I bet you would win in a landslide even without the BLACK VOTE…you ASSHOLE

  9. Nunya August 7, 2012

    It is like National Geographic. Can you blame a native for being a native?

  10. Joe August 7, 2012

    Dude, that wasn’t no fuckin bloodwalk. It makes no sense that Serena would disrespect the Crip neighborhood she grew up in by doing the Bloodwalk. The blood walk has elements of the older Cripwalk so that’s what your seeing. If she followed thru on the whole dance then you would know that was part of the Crip walk. Just because bloods turned the East Coast out don’t mean Garbage. They(bloods) don’t run shit here on the West Coast.

  11. Joe August 7, 2012

    @BROSEFOLOPHOGUS. Another thing, Do you bang?
    By some of the words you used in your article, i take it that you do. Please come to Southern California talking the way you talk. We’ll have to show you that LA is totally different than where you are from. You might not like it though.

  12. Jon B August 7, 2012

    It does not matter. the c-walk is so mainstream nobody who knows anything actually sees someone doing it and thinks they are a crip or even representing a gangster lifestyle. IT IS JUST A DANCE. period! She is an olympic champion, singles and doubles!Who beat, no destroyed (arguably) the #1 in the world! get over it.

  13. BROSEFOLOPHOGUS August 7, 2012

    You make a lot of assumptions here, what words did I use that would give you impression that I bang. Crip? Blood? I live in Southern California actually so not to sure about what you are talking about. I like Southern California a lot as well. Thanks. God Bless you.


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