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Selena Roberts Crucifiction Of ARod Continues…

Kodackid Apr 30


Selena Roberts is ripping ARod a new ass hole. That is one (blank) with tits that you don’t want to mess with. She single handedly brought down the legend that was A Rod and for what…a couple million no doubt. She ain’t nothing, but a stalker that got paid to write a book about it.

She just released some more info from her book and she says stuff like: As a HS Sophomore ARod went from benching 100 to 310 pounds in 6 months. Dude was so diesel that Canseco said that when he worked out with ARod one time when he was in HS he could almost bench a much as him.

But, wait there’s more: she also claims he was taking steroids as a Yankee. And that his teammates called him bitch tits because all the steroids made him have manboobs. And the triv-est part is they even know he hated Hooters and only tipped the minimum 15 percent, not a penny more.

This chick Selena is not going to stop until their is an asterix by ARod’s name.


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