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Scientists Get Some BP With Ted Williams’ Frozen Head

The Insider Oct 05


Ted Williams, the greatest hitter in baseball history, has his head frozen in an Arizona laboratory named Alcor. After Williams died in 2002, his son John Henry Williams had his body transferred to the facility where it was cryopreserved, with Ted’s head and body being separated and stored in different containers.

Apparently, one of the employees of Alcor decided to use Williams’ head for batting practice. This according to a new book by Larry Johnson, a former Alcor employee, which gives an inside look at some of the alleged ways that the company has been mistreating frozen bodies.

In Johnson’s tell-all book he writes about one occasion when Williams’ head was being transferred to another container. The employee placed the frozen head on top of a tuna can, “Then he grabbed a monkey wrench, heaved a mighty swing, missing the tuna can completely but hitting the head dead center. Tiny pieces of frozen head sprayed around the room.” Johnson includes pictures of other heads in his book, being mistreated in similar fashion.

Alcor has vehemently denied the allegations and are threatening legal action versus Johnson, who is scheduled to appear on ABC’s “Nightline” on Tuesday. You know I’ll be watching. Via ESPN


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