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SARSBury Among JerseyChasers at Laker Game

John Krease Dec 17

So we all know going to Laker Game is like going to the best night at the hottest of Holywood Nightclubs. So who did we have in the crowd for the Lakers vs Knicks game last night, just your regulars…Jack, Beckham, Spike, Leo DiCaprio’s, Zac and….SARSberry, WTF!

That’s right SARSberry, who is staying in LA and working out while his team still will not allow him to practice, play, or step foot in any of their facilities – came to watch his team play the LakeShow.

And the triv part is – the team will not pay for him to play, but they will pay for him to sit courtside at the game and watch them.

Disowned like a bastard stepchild by the Knicks he was quoted at the game as saying, “‘I’ve got the greatest job in the world…All I’ve got to do is get paid. Once I get paid, the team that I go to, I think a lot of people will be shocked…I’m still getting paid for doing nothing.” Damn we wish we had his current job.

O yeah and the Lakers won 116-114. More pictures of the real stars below.

Zac and Him Boo

Gwen needs a fake and bake, while Chris Rock still ain’t nothing but Pookie with money

3 legends and 2 guys who you forget what movies they played in


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