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Saints Fans Get Crunk After Playoff Win


The Saints are back in the NFC Championship for the first time since 2006, but the difference with the team this year is that they actually feel like they belong now and they’re not just riding the wave of bouncing back from tragedy like they did with Hurricane Katrina. The Saints, and especially the “Breesus” phenomenon, have taken over the Big Easy as fans in New Orleans are beyond hype with the thought that a Super Bowl is only one win away.

Following the Saints divisional playoff win against the Cardinals, hundreds of fans took it to the concrete and got crunk in the streets right outside of the stadium. The gathering in this clip looks something like a poorman’s rap video, with people of all races, colors and creeds doing their best to dance (in rhythm) with the hip-hop music blaring. It’s good to see the people coming together to celebrate.


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