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Rudy Gay Wants To Live Forever Like Ricky Bobby


Damn it looks like Rudy Gay has been smoking a heaping helping of that oxygen, after putting up this tweet claiming that he has enough bread to ensure a lifespan of 245-300 years. For all those wondering how you can smoke oxygen…that’s whay I’m saying. Actually Gay was just dropping one of Ricky Bobby’s more legendary lines from Talladega Nights.

But if Gay did want to actually live that long it would mean that for about 200+ years his meat would be useless like a blind man serving as an eye witness (for 200+ years).

The only option for long term preservation is to get frozen like Mel Gibson did in that one joint with that square from Lord Of The Rings (its called Forever Young and that square from LOTR is Elijah Wood). Gay shouldn’t want to get cryogenically frozen anyways, because you already been seent what happened to Ted Williams’ dome.

[via Rudy Gay’s Twitter]


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