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Questionable Call

Royce White Tries to Clown Kevin Durant and Thunder on Twitter

Jay Gatsby May 02

Royce White Kevin Durant Thunder Twitter


As if the twitter hasn’t turned the playoffs into a quasi-version of WWE backstage interviews in the Attitude Era, things got more interesting after the Rockets win over the Thunder in Game 5, when embattled Rockets rookie Royce White tweeted out the following to OKC and Kevin Durant:


If I’m KD, I get in the mindset of completely eviscerating the Rockets team in Game 6 and then tweet out a legendary quote to Any Rolls Royce White – “I dare you to come fly to my house and say it my face.” That would certainly be legendary.
Jay Gatsby tends to bleed silver and black, purple and gold, and Dodger blue yearly. Besides that, he wears many hats as a father, educator, retired basketball coach, realistic optimist, cinema lover and dry humor extraordinaire you can follow him @JJALC


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