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Roy “Big Country” Nelson Busts Kimbo Slice’s Azz



Spike TV has got a hit with this one. The UFC’s Ultimate Fighter is one of the best shows on television. Every week you get to see elite athletes enter the octagon and do work against each other. When internet sensation Kimbo Slice joined the mixed, all eyes were focused on his eventual meeting with Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Most people thought that Kimbo, coached by the legend Rampage Jackson, would dominate this dude but that wasn’t the case. Nelson used his sizable weight advantage to get a TKO, but Kimbo was still decently coherent after the onslaught.

Nelson pretty much controlled the whole situation during the fight. Kimbo got saved by the bell in the 1st round after Nelson delivered a slew of weak blows to his dome. Slice showed a little bit of heart in the 2nd round, trying to deliver a few unsuccesful one-hitter quitter. But once Nelson got Kimbo on the mat and locked him up in a crucifix position, its was over. Nelson delivered about 20 more dome shots forcing the ref to stop the fight with 2:59 remaining. Big Roy is a beast and Kimbo has a lot to learn, but he is getting there.



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