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Rondo’s The Reason Lakers Fans Should Be Nervous


That is of course, if The Lake Show can even reach the NBA Finals. The C’s already booked their ticket and are arguably a better team than the one that served the Lakers back in 2008. All things considered Lakers fans should be nervous for one main reason–Rajon Rondo. Many are quick to point out that the Show didn’t have a healthy Andrew Bynum (pretty standard) or Trevor Ariza during the ’08 Finals, and now they have beefed up their squad with the additions of Pau Gasol and QB’s Finest. That’s great, but who’s going to guard Rondo?

Whilst The Lake Show may have somewhat improved their roster and our the reigning champs, the Celtics now have the Big 4 and Rasheed Wallace (E-40 voice) to boot. It was funny to see Lakers fans actually rooting for the C’s (but mainly just some King James hateration) during their “upset” over the Cavs in the semis, under the assumption that the Magic would get in that azz in the Eastern Conference Finals. Welp Lakers Fans, you’re getting your wish, but it might not be all that you were hoping for.


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