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Ron-Ron Saves The Lake Show, Represents For QB


After having a fairly nasty postseason in which even head coach Phil Jackosn has advised teammates not to pass him the ball, Ron Artest got the monkey off of his back by hitting this game-winner. Before QB’s Finest rebounded Kobe Bryant’s air ball and threw up the putback as time expired he was one for 8 from the the field, including missing a pair of 3 pointers that had the entire arena (minus Los Suns fans) ready to give Ron-Ron an Ike Turner style choke-out.

In true Hollywood fashion, Artest’s clutch bucket helped him bounce back sicker than Robert Downey Jr., and put him back in Kobe and Phil’s good graces. At least until Game 6 starts.

A decent remix of Artest’s postgame interview, where he makes Craig Sager bow down to Queensbridge, after the jump…


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