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Robert Green Tricks Off Brit’s World Cup Opener vs US


Right about now it sucks to be English goalie Robert Green, who single-handedly tricked off the Roos World Cup opener against a US squad that few expected to have a chance to get a point. After England scored quicker than some young meat on “Cougar Night,” everyone pretty much thought it was a wrap. Clint Dempsey had other things in mind. In the 40th minute Dempsey got off a whatevs-type shot from about 25 yards away that Green somehow managed to let slip through his hands for the equalizer, forever etching his name in the annals of sporting trick-off history.

Green displayed the type of sloppy ball-handling generally reserved for Spankwire vids with 3 star ratings or below. Or at least that’s what we heard.

For his error, Green will likely be on Chilligan’s Island in the near future and will forever be blamed by his country if England somehow manages to blow or tie another one of their 2 group games. Stranger things have happened. On the other side, Dempsey continues to add to his American soccer lore, pulling yet another goal out of his azz. Nonetheless Dempsey is deserving of numerous courtesy hojos when he makes it back to the States. It’s only right.

Video of Clint Dempsey showing that he gots mad flava (Deuce here!) after the jump…


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