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RIP Richard: Kids Bull Riding Is A Dangerous Sport…

John Krease Jul 01


We are all for the kids out there getting up off their asses and playing sports, but making them be bull riders?… now that is just flat out cruel and unusual punishment.

And they say black people are wrong for whooping their kids… well how do you feel about making a 10-year-old boy ride a 2000+ LB bull…I’m taking the ass whooping any day of the week. That ‘ish is like letting a little kid play RB in the NFL… something bad is bound to happen.

And something bad is exactly what happened to 12-year-old bull rider Richard Wayde Hamar of Yuma, who died this past weekend after a bull stomped the life out of his little chest at a rodeo. RIP little dude.

His mom claims “he died doing what he loved,” and we say he loved bull riding just about as much as that little girl who has to go to all those little beauty pageants…the parents are to blame.


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