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Ridin’ Dirty: Tom Brady Uninjured After Car Accident


The Patriots got a little scare this morning after their star quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a 2 car accident while mashing through the streets of downtown Boston. Apparently a minivan ran a red light, causing Brady to smash his (flossy ) Audi into the van. Lucky for the Pats, Tom Terrific was uninjured following the accident and reported to the team facility for practice after a short trip to a local hospital.

Naturally given Brady’s status as one of the NFL’s Golden Children, major media outlets have been trying to blow this story up into a bigger deal than it was, milking this thing out like a pro Ho with a naive john. Although Brady has yet to comment on the accident, teammate Tully Banta-Cain addressed the media to let them know that Gisele’s Boo is ok.

Although all signs point to Brady being fine (health, not looks), we’ll get a better indication this Sunday, when the Patriots open up the season at home against the Bengals. Wonder how this is going to impact Brady’s ongoing contract negotiations with the team.

Another pic of Brady’s mangled Audi (with the Jersey plates) after the jump…

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