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MLB Fight: Rick Porcello (Tigers) Vs Kevin Youkilis (RedSox)


Okay, so after calling Boston soft yesterday, it looks like they’ve grown some balls. So after Kevin Youkilis got hit by a pitch in the back… instead of walking it off like a little biatch, he charges the mound without any hesitation like a G. Nice!

Too bad when he got there, 22-year-old Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello, who was looking scared at first, hip tossed him like a salad. And if MLB takes down the video, which they’ll no doubt be doing soon…check it out HERE or HERE.

The good news is that the man that replaced Youkilis, Mike Lowell, ended up hitting 2 homeruns and the Red Sox won 7-5. Too bad the Sox are still a bunch of pansies.


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