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Rich Rodriguez Breaks Down Crying…Denies Charges


We believe the players on this one. Coaches always hold those “not mandatory” workouts that everyone shows up to because it’s well known that if you are not there, that’s your ass or starting spot. Is it against the rules? No, because this is how coaches tell who really wants to play and be great…the person willing to put in extra work.

So even if Rodriguez did it, we don’t think anything is wrong with it. Most of the top programs around the nation probably do the same thing. Do you really think Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy are really only spending 20 hours a week preparing for a big Saturday showdown in front of 90,000 people? Try 40 plus hours.

So when we hear about players snitching on the program about being overworked, especially those who are no longer there, one word comes to mind…B-I-T-C-H.

Or in this case, his name is Toney Clemons, the guy who transfered from Michigan to Colorado because he was getting no burn.

Can he bring Rich Rodriguez and the football program down all by himself? No. The NCAA is going to need to get some of the current players to back-up his story. Now the paper allegedly got 6 past and present players to talk, but none of them would give their names.

So we’ll see if these “players” are still as friendly with the NCAA as they were with the newspaper. But usually a sports team is like the police department… they stick together no matter what.


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