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Rex Ryan Gives Jason Taylor Gatorade Bath And Braylon Edwards Doing The Dougie Part II


We were one of the many drinking the Jets kool-aid, ready to crown them the paper champs and after watching the Green Machine (that isn’t a vapo) march into Miami and service the Dolphins Sunday night.

It was Rex Ryan’s first win against the mammal since taking over as Jets head coach and the Ryan celebrated by dumping a gatorade cooler filled with water on former ‘phins legend Jason Taylor. Ryan, who was accompanied by an assistant, successfully crept up on Taylor and proceeded to bing him in the grill with the cooler, before getting the full dump.

The Jets still have a long road ahead, but their swagger is turnt up and their coach is a legend. Both key ingredients for a team looking for a ring.

J.T.’s Gatorade (water) dump, Braylon Edwards doing his post-DWI “Dougie” Part II and some Jets fans at the stadium talking heat to some little kids after the jump…

Jets fans at the game go crazy after Braylon’s touchdown and can be heard talking sh*t to some kids in a few rows ahead of them wearing Dolphins jerseys. The highlight of the vid comes at the end when one of the fans encourages Braylon to “keep drinking.” Might not be a bad idea.


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